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Staff & Music Teachers

Eric Philo

Eric Philo is the owner-operator of Bach To Rock Nanuet.  After a long career in business, he decided to move back to his first love – music – and open a music school.  Eric feels music has enriched his life immeasurably, and he’s dedicated to helping students find the same level of personal enjoyment, growth and sense of accomplishment that he has received from learning to play music - guitar, piano and a bit of drums (he claims).  He attributes it all to an early love of music, learning technique and theory, and lots of practice.  A big motivator was learning to play the music of his favorite rock bands – and of course playing in bands, which has been the most fun of all.  Eric’s bands have played in numerous large venues in NYC.  Eric is also a composer of published music.

Jesse Kurtz

Jesse Kurtz is the Site Director of Bach to Rock, Nanuet.  Head banging in her highchair, Jesse grew up with music being her life. Dabbling with various instruments growing up and later learning guitar in high school, she realized being a musician was not going to be her calling. Wanting to still pursue her passion in music, Jesse started to manage local bands and do much work in the local music scene as well as college radio.  Graduating with her degree in Music Business and Public Relations, Jesse has much experience running events, creating concerts and promoting music. Jesse also has worked with children her entire life. Aside from the normal babysitting gigs and volunteering at her local library/elementary school, she was a park guide at a dinosaur park and a children’s fitness instructor teaching kids Zumba. With Jesse’s passion for music and love for children, Bach to Rock could not be a more perfect place for her.

Daniel M.

Daniel M. is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Stony Point. He started playing violin at the age of 9 in his elementary school orchestra. Daniel started taking private violin lessons at the age of 11, where he developed his passion for music. He would go on to participate at NYSSMA All-State twice along with NAfME All-Eastern his senior year of high school. He then went upstate to pursue a degree in Violin Performance from the Whalen School of Music at Ithaca College, where he graduated cum laude. He served as concertmaster of the Ithaca College Symphony Orchestra for two semesters and premiered many pieces for solo violin and chamber ensembles. Daniel has been a part of numerous ensembles in the metropolitan area, including the Hudson Lyric Opera, where he serves as concertmaster, along with the Newburgh Greater Symphony Orchestra, the Claremont Chamber Orchestra, and the Orchestra of St. Peter by the Sea. Daniel teaches violin, viola, cello, piano and guitar.

Emily C.

Emily C. is an admin assistant at B2R Nanuet. She has been a music fan since birth. Growing up in Rotterdam, NY, Emily discovered her passion for music from flipping through her grandparents ‘Hits of the 40s, 50s, and 60s,’ records and her father's extensive classic rock collection. She was stage managing high school talent shows and choir concerts when she realized she enjoyed running things from the wings instead of being center stage. With a degree in Arts Management from SUNY Purchase, Emily worked for concert venues, record companies, and talent agencies to get a well-rounded perspective on the business side of music. Her collection of over 200 vinyl records spans from Bobby Darin to Broadway standards, from Willie Nelson and Warren Hanes to 90s Ska Punk. The hardest question she could answer would be which is her favorite.

Evan R.

Evan R. is an audio engineer, producer, DJ, guitarist, and a live music enthusiast. Hailing from Nyack, NY, Evan was brought up around a musical family and played an active role in the Nyack School's Music program as a saxophonist. Upon high school he picked up his first guitar and began a journey of musical exploration of all styles. After obtaining his degree from SUNY Oneonta's Music Industry Program with a minor in Audio Production, and a Pro Tools certification from Avid, Evan has grasped multiple genres of music under his wing to bring into the studio where he makes the magic happen. Over the past 5 years Evan has toured the Oneonta circuit as a DJ, and rock combo guitarist performing in front of regional crowds at local venues.  Evan teaches guitar, bass, and is leading the Beat Refinery DJ program at our Nanuet location. 

Ian K.

Ian K. is a musician and instrumentalist who began studying violin at Montclair State University Preparatory Center For The Arts at the age of four. He was concertmaster for both the New Jersey Youth Orchestra of Essex County and Northern New Jersey Youth Orchestra, West Orange. Currently he is Concert Master at Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra in Bloomfield, N.J. where he plays a diverse repertoire of various classical music genres. Ian received his Bachelor of Music from Rutgers University. He played for four years with the Rutgers Symphony, one of the nation’s leading university orchestras which features some of the finest graduate and undergraduate musicians in collaboration with world renown guest performers. Ian is proficient in teaching both violin and piano; he has a passion for musical composition in addition to music business administration.

Kevin G.

Kevin G. Is a musician, performer, and songwriter from Ramsey, New Jersey. He started out on guitar when he was 8 years old and joined the middle school jazz band at the same time as starting to learn percussion instruments in concert band. He started playing in the drum line, as well as learning bass guitar at the start of high school. Kevin then learned how to play upright bass, which was his instrument of focus at his alma mater, Susquehanna University. There, Kevin picked up piano as well as continuing his studies of music theory, ear training, orchestral conducting, music history, and jazz. His passion has always been playing and teaching guitar and performing music from jazz to hard rock, from metal to alternative. He now plays in numerous bands around the New Jersey area, and is excited to work with anyone who shares his passion about music. At Bach to Rock, he teaches guitar, bass, piano, drums, percussion instruments, and voice.

Kristen D.

Kristen D. is a singer, musician, and performer from New City, NY. She started piano at the age of 7 and quickly joined an after school theatre program. At 16, she began guitar and started participating in theatre events outside of school as well. She later graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in developmental psychology and theatre. She was also the treasurer and Vice-President of Cabaret Troupe, the only musical theatre club on campus. Kristen has been seen performing and helping backstage at various shows, including fringe festivals and local summer seasons. Her passion is musical theatre, and hopes to start her own children’s theatre one day. When she’s not teaching, you can typically find her playing on her ukulele, dancing, or writing short stories/plays. At Bach to Rock, she teaches voice, glee, and early childhood classes.

Maria E.

Maria E. is a long time Rockland Resident & local musician. Classically trained pianist & French horn player Maria received her Undergraduate Degree from Wagner College (Staten Island) in Performance, Masters in Musicology & MSEd from CUNY Aaron Copland School of Music. She has performed professionally with PDQ Bach’s OK Chorale and The Canticum November Singers at Lincoln Center & Carnegie Hall. Maria has also had a technical career as a live sound reinforcement engineer for Music Festivals such as Philly Folk Fest, Clearwater Folk Festival and concert sound for Keith Emerson, Chuck Mangione, GreenDay, Ramones, Twisted Sister, Bacon Brothers and Pete Seeger. She is happy to bring her multi-instrumental talents to the students of Back To Rock.

Matt P.

Matt P. is a New Jersey drummer/percussionist. He was section leader and first snare for his high school marching band for 4 years, as well leading the jazz band. Matt has been in various rock and metal bands since the age of 13, gaining extensive experience into the functioning of bands in the studio and on the road. He has formal lessons in rock, jazz, Latin jazz, metal, and various percussion, and is a proficient singer who encourages students to take up vocals while playing. He has full-length recording experience and years' worth of live playing, equipping him with a drummer's necessary survival skills. Matt is currently recording and touring with his band Xenophile, for whom he contributes drum parts as well as guitar riffs and vocal melodies. He also acts as a fill-in for the thrash band Paralysis, recording and playing live shows

Nick R.

Nick R. is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and songwriter from Haskell, NJ. He began his musical journey as a classical percussionist at the age of 10, and several years later he began teaching himself guitar which quickly became his greatest passion and his primary instrument. Through his experiences performing in countless ensembles and bands, he also developed skills on keys, drum set, bass and voice. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in music production and it was there that he truly developed his knowledge and skills in music theory, improvisation, composition, ear training, arranging, and production. He got his first studio job as a producer/engineer at a music studio in west New York only months after graduating. He is currently still working as a producer/engineer, performing in numerous bands of different genres ranging from heavy metal to rap, and devolving himself as an independent artist. He teaches guitar, drums, piano, bass, and production.


SD is a recent graduate from Sarah Lawrence College where they studied music and visual arts. They have been playing music since the age of 6, starting with guitar then moving to tenor and alto saxophone, then to bass, drums, piano, voice, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, DJing, and anything they could get their hands on. In college they started a punk duo, but they now focus mainly on audio production and engineering, and are currently working on a solo album. SD has a passion for all things music and sound related, and loves to share their knowledge with others!

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

B2R Curriculum

  • A well-balanced music education consists of Music Theory, Technique and Repertoire.
  • Students learn faster playing music they like.
  • Simplified versions of modern songs allow students to see results more quickly.
  • Audio recordings of each simplified arrangement are available to students. This allows them to hear how their part should sound.
  • Lessons are catered to the needs of each student's learning style.