Music Lessons for Pearl River & Orangetown Students

Conveniently located in the Rockland Mattress/Growler & Gill shopping center.

Who We Are at Bach to Rock Music School

Only a short drive from much of Pearl River & Orangetown, Bach to Rock provides music lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. Instruments we teach include guitar, piano, drums, voice, DJ, violin, trumpet & more! B2R birthday parties and seasonal camps are great opportunities to play & learn music with your friends and make new ones! We also have early childhood classes for toddlers and preschoolers. Take your skills to the next level in a Glee Club or Rock Band! B2R offers opportunities for students to perform in venues around Pearl River, Orangetown & Rockland County.

Pearl River NY Music School

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Phone: 845-215-9536

Address (Map & Directions)
150 East Route 59
Nanuet, NY 10954

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Pearl River NY Guitar Lessons

Bach to Rock provides private and group guitar lessons. Beginning students are taught first position chords, scales and arpeggios as well as the fundamentals of music theory. Intermediate and advanced students continue to perfect these skills and are guided in the development and performance of their own original material.

Pearl River NY Piano Lessons

Bach to Rock provides private and group piano & keyboard lessons. Students learn to read notes simultaneously in two different clefs (treble and bass) while developing their sense of polyphony (hearing more than one sound at the same time). The piano is physically easy to play, making it possible for a student to make a good musical sound or combination of notes on the piano faster than on any other instrument.

Pearl River NY Voice Lessons

Bach to Rock provides private voice lessons and Glee Club classes. Vocal students are encouraged to sing in a variety of styles, rock and pop through classical, learning essential skills such as voice projection, the creation of a clear vocal tone and correct breathing techniques while gaining a greater understanding of melody in music. Glee Club students will explore fun vocal exercises, singing in harmony, and cool choreography while performing arrangements of popular songs.

Pearl River NY Drum Lessons

Bach to Rock provides private and group drum & percussion lessons. Students will acquire all of the skills necessary to be a successful drummer in a band. Lessons will focus on rhythm, coordination and stick techniques as well as complex skills such as four-way coordination and polyrhythms.

Pearl River NY DJ Lessons

Beat Refinery DJ Lessons

Scratching, Mixing & Music Production

Aspiring DJs can learn and hone their craft right here at Bach to Rock. The Beat Refinery DJ Mixing Program is designed to progress students from the entry level, to the fundamentals, and finally to advanced mixing skills. Using Beat Refinery's unique scratch notation, instructional videos and your instructor’s knoweldge, you will perfect each scratch and learn to incorporate it into your mix. The Beat Refinery Music Production classes will help you develop the necessary skills to use Ableton Live in any way you choose.